Contact Sheet X

CSX v1.4 has now been released. Finally. Many thanks to those of you who helped in beta testing.

Welcome to the Contact Sheet X homepage.

Contact Sheet X (CSX) is a script-based package for Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4 that provides a full featured contact sheet generator. The core of the package has capabilities that include everything found in Contact Sheet II (bundled with Photoshop) and the contact sheet facilities found in Adobe Lightroom.

Try the Daily Build if you want the bleeding-edge version with all the latest features, patches, and bugs.

PDF Documentation is available describing how to use it. Most stuff is obvious, though, so go right ahead and skip the docs.

This release runs under CS2, CS3 and CS4, however better integration with CS4 will happen in later releases.

There is a list of CSX Extensions that may be implemented in future releases. If you have features you would like to see, put in a feature request or send me an email.

If you need support for CSX :

When file a bug report, please include your CSX log file.
You can find the log file here on WinXP (or somewhere similar):
C:\Documents and Settings\[user id]\Application Data\xtools\ContactSheetX.log

and someplace like this on OSX:
/Users/[user id]/Library/Application Support/xtools/ContactSheetX.log

CSX is free for all to use and is covered by the following copyright and license.

Copyright: (c) 2008,

The license basically says you can do whatever you want with the script. Including reselling it. You just can't call it yours and you have to let people know where you got it from.

Portions of CSX have been funded by the good people at The Icon, Warner Bros. PhotoLab, and others. Contact me if you would like to support work on specific extensions or enhancements to CSX.

And thank you for using CSX.
2008-10-31 Logo CC-GNU LGPL This software is licensed under the CC-GNU LGPL.